How Satisfied are you with your current Fitness Level?

There are many possible answers to this question, one, depending on your goals, can make a big difference!

What types of goals do you have? How are you training to meet those goals? What things are going right to meet those goals? What type of things could you change in order to help reach those goals on time or faster?

These are some questions to consider when evaluating your current fitness level. Most people would probably answer this question with a slight sense of disappointment or without much enthusiasm. And why is that? Why aren’t you 100% satisfied with your fitness level? Well of all the possible answers, there’s only ONE that will ring true in most people’s ears, CONSISTENCY!

How consistently are you working towards your goal? If your goal is to lose weight it has to be EVERYDAY. If your goal is to run a race faster than before, then consistent running and cross training will help you get there. If your goal is to do ONE pushup then you have to consistently work and doing them correctly in order to get stronger at doing them, even if that means doing less.

There are some things in our life that come more naturally than others so we don’t have to work to terribly hard to improve or maintain those talents or gifts. The things we want to improve on, whether mental or physical, you must be constantly working towards that goal almost EVERYDAY until you reach that goal. Now I’m not telling you to run 20 miles every day and you’ll run your fastest race ever or not going to maxing out your back squat or bench every day to improve your overall strength. What I am saying is that when you coach or personal trainer tells you that you’ll need to show up 4 days a week in order to reach your goal in 6 months, THEN you show up 4 days a week and celebrate the hell out of that goal because you gave 110% effort to reach it!

YOU HAVE CONTROL of your life and making excuses that you don’t have time is just plain nonsense. You don’t have to commit 1-2 hours a day at working towards your goals. You would be AMAZED at what make little choices everyday adds up too. Let’s say you’re trying to lose weight, think about the amount of food you eat at one sitting, if you were just to eat a 1/8th less at each meal you could lose the extra weight your wanting to lose in just 6 months, WITHOUT working out! OR if your trying to do that ONE perfect push-up, you’re not going to do 100 pushups from the knees every day, you’re going to do 10-15 pushups from the counter EVERYDAY, then in 3 months you’ll be on your way to that perfect pushup!

To wrap this all up in one word it’s CONSISTENCY.

So where can you start being more consistent in your fitness journey? All it takes is a little bit of input EVERDAY and you’ll be there in no time!

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