Benefits of Suspension Training and why you should be doing it!

Benefits of Suspension Training and why you should be doing it!

By using your body-weight you are able to tap into many more benefits of resistance training that conventional training can’t provide.

  1. Increase Muscle activation -Research shows GREATER abdominal muscle activation in every exercise with the TRX Suspension Trainer.
  2. Benefits of Traditional Training with lower risk -Research shows a similar growth hormone response during and after workout compared to traditional resistance training. Meaning your going to GAIN MUSCLE! As well research show that there is less potential for injury as compared to free weight training.
  3. Burn more calories -Research proves greater testosterone to cortisol ratio which leads to enhanced muscle growth and caloric burn just after one TRX Training Session. Plus you can train inside, outside, or anywhere you go!

There are many more benefits of Suspension training from a research point of view. What TRX Suspension Training and CORE Strong Fitness can provide is an environment that get results, encourages, motivates, challenges, and unites each individual to work to their fullest potential EARNING Their BETTER every time! Using suspension training as a group is a great way to challenge each other and push your own limits at the same time while having a supportive community of like minded individuals!

When you don’t have a lot of time Suspension Training can give you a GREAT total body workout in a fraction of the time that a regular weightlifting session would take AND you get the exact same benefits! We are all pressed for time, so why would you choose to do something that could take you twice a long?

 “The Body Achieves What the Mind Believes”

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