Fix your low back pain with your feet!

Do you suffer with low back pain? If you’re like most American’s low back pain is a part of your daily life. There are many reasons that we suffer from back pain, lack of strength in the core, tight and weak hamstrings, tight hip flexors and weak arches in your feet. Yes, that’s right, your lack of foot strength could be causing your low back pain!  I know that it might sound far from where you thought that your pain was coming from but let me explain why and how you can fix it!

Weak feet or arches can create a whole mess of problems in your mechanical movement patterns (the way you move every day). If you have weak arches it will affect the way you push off your big toe, which could cause you to rotate at your ankle and then your knee. Next that rotation at the knee and ankle will cause you hip to rotate in opposite direction cause lordosis. (Excessive low back curvature).

That might not seem to make much sense but believe me its mess that isn’t that uncommon if you know what you’re looking for you’ll see it A LOT, I do!

So now the real question is do you suffer from low back? Do you turn your toes out when you walk? Do you want to take your shoes off firs then when you get home because your feet hurt? If so then you’re going to want to follow these steps to helping correct and fix your low back pain!


 Step 1: GET OUT of your shoes! The EASIEST fix it is to start using your feet! The main reason our arches become weak and stiff it because we wear stiff, rigid, cushioned, supported shoes which TURNS OFF out feet from having to do any work to help our walk or even stand! (How’s your balance? Not so good, look at your feet 😉) Not wearing your shoes while at home is a HUGE start! Picking a shoe with LESS support, LESS cushion, and MORE neutral will help wake back up those muscles and nerves in your foot again! I recommend The Lems Shoes company for their wide selection of casual, semi casual and sport styles. (Use promo code: MARK15 to get 15% off!)


 Step 2: Give your feet some attention! The feet need to be taken care of like any other muscle or tissue in your body. No matter what shoe your choice to wear or have to wear. Using a Lacrosse ball or some sort of rigid ball, stand with the ball under one foot, roll that foot on top of the ball with as much pressure as you can comfortably stand. You’re going to want to roll the ball side to side starting under toes, working down towards your heel. You are going to want to spend at least 2 minutes on each foot.


 Step 3: Work out your foot! That’s right, your foot needs a workout like any other muscles in your body in order to get them stronger. The best exercises to help create better arch strength are the heal raise with lacrosse ball and short foot exercise. This video will give you a deeper understanding of how to perform each exercise.

To perform the heel raises with lacrosse ball, stand next a wall, for balance, with the lacrosse ball between each heel, raise up onto your toes and try to turn your ankles inwards at the top. Repeat for 1 minute.

Try these simple but effective steps to get your feet stronger to help fix your low back pain. In order to fix things that are chronic, you must work EVERYDAY at doing something to offset the causes. It will take time for these simple fixes to make a difference, so don’t get discouraged, keep working at it and be more aware of the things you do every day that might be contributing to the cause( aka shoes).


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