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Boydweight & TRX

Unlimited Classes

CORE90 members can come to any workout class. We recommended a minimum of 3 classes per week to see results, but drop-in as often as you like. The workouts focus on total body strength, using a combination of bodyweight and TRX exercises.

New to the TRX? We’ll show you the ropes. It’s NEW for many of our CORE90 challengers. That’s what makes this program exciting and fun!


Nutritional program
Healthy Eating

Nutrition Program

Lose weight fast and keep it off with the CORE Strong Nutrition Program. It’s a proven system that gets results without diets, pills, and other gimmicks!

We keep it simple. With a focus on portion control and choosing the right combination of nutrient-rich foods, you’ll see maximum results from the gym if you eat the right foods.

CORE Strong participants find the food program eye-opening. It provides the one-two punch you need to get healthy the natural way and keep the weight off for good!

Data, Measurements, & Support


Access cutting-edge technology, fitness assessments, and body scans to help you achieve your goals. Track results in real-time with a heart rate monitor and over time with FIT tests and InBody scans.

There are a limited number of CORE90 Challenge spots open every month, ensuring personal support. The close-knit gym provides motivation every time you exercise, and even at home through our private Facebook group. Get the results you’ve always wanted with an accountable fitness program that pushes you to succeed!


Age 21

Lost 30.5 LBS

Shredded 7.9% body fat

“The biggest change was the diet. If you truly want to become healthier and get in better shape, you must have a combination of diet and exercise, not one or the other…I went from a size XXL/XL shirt at the beginning of the year to a sie M!”


Age 38, Mother of 3

Lost 22 LBS

Waist shrunk 4.75``

“Well, here it is…RESULTS! I can’t believe the change in me, not just on the outside, but on the inside as well! I am smaller than I have EVER been as an adult…seriously…30 lbs smaller than the day I graduated high school. Seeing myself in pictures is surreal and I don’t yet recognize myself when I see my reflection.”

This fitness and nutrition program is for you IF...

You Want Fresh Workouts Every Class.

Are you tired of the same old workout and not seeing the results you want? CORE90 uses a combination of exercises to keep the routines fresh and exciting. Modifications make you stronger no matter your fitness level, and allow you to have fun.

You're tired of searching for healthy recipes.

The CORE90 nutrition program takes the guesswork out of nutrition. Get healthy recipes and a meal guide to start eating smarter!

You Want To See Results!

CORE90 participants lose up to 40 lbs and up to 4 inches. Results are not guaranteed.

You're Ready To Feel Your Best!

Do you feel blah? Perhaps it’s lack of energy, you’re bloated, or just not feeling your best. With this nutrition and exercise program, you’ll be feeling your best quick!

You're Ready To Commit!

We’ll give you the tools to get healthy. We need you to put in the time to make it happen. Our team will be here to support you along the way and answer questions. We recommend at least 3 workouts a week. Participants who come to 4+ classes each week, see the best results.

"Week by week I was getting results and falling in love with my life again. Cheers to you Mark Campbell for improving my life and waistline."
- Anne

Hi, I'm Mark!

I’m the owner and lead coach at CORE Strong Fitness. We’re a small gym, with personalized attention that gets results. I’m in the gym every day. You’ll see me teaching classes, coaching clients and throwing out a dance move or two.

I have more than a decade of personal training experience, and expert certifications that few trainers have in the Midwest. Couple that with my passion for fitness and health, and you have the ingredients for success.

If you give me 90 days, I’ll give you the tools that can transform your life forever! It’s more than just amazing before and after photos. The CORE90 Challenge is about reigniting that spark on the inside too! I know how it feels to be healthy and strong! That’s what I want for you too.

I enjoy rock climbing, hiking, learning, teaching and spending quiet time at home with my wife and dogs.

Michael L.

Mark is my hero! He's a great trainer and is helping me become a bit less heavy!

Niki W CoreStrong
Niki W.

Everyone in class is friendly and encouraging. Each class is different, challenging, and fun.


Will I be able to do the workouts if I'm not in shape?

Yes! We provide modifications for every exercise, based on your fitness level. Most of CORE90 challengers haven’t worked out in awhile when they join our program.

Kristin joined us at age 40, and in her words “completely out of shape.” She couldn’t do many of the exercises. “Mark was fantastic and gave me a good heart to heart. I decided at that moment I was giving everything.” She lost 8 pounds in 90 days and gained a ton of confidence.

When you commit to making a change, you’ll get your body back!

What kind of workouts will I be doing?

We’ll work on a combination of bodyweight and strength workouts using the TRX as one tool. Even if you’ve never used the TRX, we’ll show you how to use it and feel stronger than you’ve ever felt before. There are modifications for every exercise.

How often do I have to work out?

We recommend at least 3 workouts a week. If you increase it to 4 or 5 times a week, you’ll see the best results!

Do I have to cook every meal?

No. We want you to learn how to balance going out, meal prepping, and cooking great simple meals.

Will I have to buy anything additional like supplements?

No, supplements are not required while on this program. We do, however, encourage use of plant based protein shakes and pre and post workout supplement to help you recover in between workouts.

What kind of results will I see?

If you put in the effort, you’ll see results. CORE90 challengers typically lose up to 40 lbs and up to 4 inches.

Results are not guaranteed.

When can I start the CORE90 Challenge?

The challenges start at the beginning of each month.

What if I'm not quite ready to commit?

We understand it’s a commitment, and we want to help get you there. Come test drive a class for free and see if the CORE Strong community is what you need to get your body back on track! Contact us today about a free class. We’ll also be happy to answer any questions about CORE90 or gym memberships.

"In a year, I lost 15 pounds (working out hard on my own). Then, in NINETY days, I lost 26 pounds."
- Austin

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