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Are you ready to Join the CORE90 Challenge?

Are you tired of ALWAYS being tired? Are you sick of always feeling bloated or sick? Are you tired of being out of breath from simple activities? Are you sick of not feeling LIKE YOU?! Do you want to lose excess weight?

Now’s the chance for you to change your life and have success like our community of family at CORE Strong Fitness!

This 90 Day Challenge will give you the tools to reach success:


A HIGHLY successful food plan

Unlimited small group workouts

Support in the community and in the Private Facebook Group

Weekly encouragement from our passionate and experienced coaches!

This challenge WILL get you results and help you jump start you life to reach amazing possibilities!
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Check out some amazing transformations from our CORE 90 Challenge!


This is Austin. This is what happens when you finally “put it all together” and lose 26 lbs in 90 days, gain muscle and feel better!

“I worked out HARD for a year but wouldn’t REALLY change my diet the way I should have. I lost 15 pounds during this time and despite an old back injury resurfacing, I gained quite a bit of muscle, strength and stability.

I then, in my true fashion, got bored at the level I had achieved and decided to take things to another level.

The difference in these two photos, primarily the shirtless ones, is only NINETY days. (The “big” face was from July of 2015…I couldn’t find any shirtless photos from back then – that may have been by design, honestly)

In ninety days, I lost another 26 pounds, bringing myself back down to 144 pounds of super lean muscle, as well as extreme fascia(look it up) and muscular strength.

In a year, I lost 15 pounds.

Then, in NINETY days, I lost 26 pounds.

Diet is EVERYTHING. I am not even kidding.

(Don’t even workout if you can’t dial in your diet – it will take so long to get results, you’ll get burned out, and quit before you see real, lasting change and it will prevent you from trying again someday)

I have never felt, looked and performed physically better than I do now”

This is Elyse. See how this mother of 3 found out what it took to finally make herself a priority and bring her family to a healthier lifestyle!

“Well, here it is….RESULTS! I can’t believe the change in me, not just on the outside, but on the inside as well! Getting to this point and continuing on is something I have desired for myself my entire lifetime and I am incredibly grateful to be a part of Corestrong and doing this program. I am smaller than I have EVER been as an adult…seriously…30 lbs smaller than the day I graduated high school. Seeing myself in pictures is surreal and I don’t yet recognize myself when I see my reflection. Here’s my results at 90 days:
22 lbs gone!
4.6% body fat gone!
Waist down 4.75″
Hips down 3.75″
R bicep down 2″
R thigh down 2.5”

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Meet Tosha! Data doesn’t lie. When work and travels get in you way and your health takes a backseat, check out Tosha AMAZING transformation journey!

“I started this program because I always had a goal weight not to be and that was 200 lbs. I have always be the big girl playing sports I was the center in basketball in track I did shot put (because who really likes running? lol)

I was getting too close to that number for comfort to that 200 lbs. Losing weight has always been hard for me due to PCOS and my love of food. I deiced I need to make a changes. I started Mark’s program. Cutting out my beloved chocolate was very hard!! The first couple of weeks were hard. I stuck with it. Surprising myself on being able to stick with the plan. You don’t understand how much I love chocolate!! I tried hard not to count the days and didn’t even weight myself till day 45. I have noticed that I don’t feel as foggy as I was feeling and didn’t realize it till it was gone. I defiantly feel more confident and happy. During the experience I didn’t see the difference as I went but when I got measured and put the 2 picture side by side I was surprised at the difference I saw! When I started I was 194.4 lbs with 32.7% fat and a BMI of 28.7, now I’m 171.0 lbs, 27.10 % fat and BMI of 25.3!

Check out Austin’s AWESOME transformation in the CORE90 Program!

“At the beginning of the year, I made the decision to do something about my health and lose weight. I started out at 252 lbs with a BMI of 35.14, and a body fat % I’m guessing above 30. I made some good progress through June 18, but I wasn’t quite where I wanted to be and that was when I started the CORE90 Challenge. I started out Day 1 at 221.5 lbs, 23.3% body fat, and a BMI of 30.89. It was a combination of diet and exercise. The diet part was a big change for me, but I got used to it quick and I am going to stick with it from here on out. Now at Day 90, I am at 189 lbs, 15.4% body fat, and a BMI of 26.36. In the first 6 months of the year, I lost 30.5 lbs, and in the last 90 days, I lost 32.5lbs and 7.9% body fat. The biggest change was the diet. If you truly want to become healthier and get in better shape, you must have a combination of diet and exercise, not one or the other. Thank you Mark for changing my life and all my friends and family for the support and encouragement! The first picture is from January, and then the other pictures are a comparison of Day 1 to Day 90. Big difference! If you want to make a change in your health, I recommend you see Mark at CORE Strong Fitness!

Also, I went from a size XXL/XL shirt at the beginning of the year to a size M!”

Kristin’s journey with the CORE90 Program is truly inspiring! Take two minutes to see what she gained and lost on this journey!

I started the 90 day program because I needed a change.  I am almost 40, completely out of shape.  I realized I needed to start doing something now before I got too old to do something about it.  My first fitness test was a hard pill to swallow.  I could barely do any of the exercises.  I know one I got a big fat 0!  I may or may not have shed a few tears of defeat that day.  Mark was fantastic and gave me a good heart to heart.  I decided at that moment I was giving everything I had to 90 Core Challenge Program.


What is great about this program, and just Core Strong in general, is everyday is different.  You are not going to a gym and doing the same repetitive motions day after day.  You are always challenging yourself.  I started seeing changes in my body within the first couple of weeks.  Every 30 days you get your body analyzed.  I was extremely happy my first check in.  My second check in, I didn’t see the scale move very much…frustrated was an understatement.  However, I had been taking a picture of myself every week and I started comparing pictures from where I started and holy cow!  This is the moment I realized don’t live by the scale.


After 90 days I lost a little over 8 pounds, my body fat went down by 4.7%, lost inches everywhere and dominated my fitness test.  I learned more about what I was eating and how it affected me than I ever did in any diet.  Two things I thought I could never live without is sweets and cheese…I do not crave these at all anymore.  I love working out now and it has become a regular part of my routine.  It’s a program I feel helps you grow not only externally but internally as well.  I have a new confidence in myself and a new self love that is a direct reflection of the Core 90 program and all of its coaches!

– Kristin

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