Who We Are

CORE Family

Our Mission is to make your experience Welcoming, Fun and Challenging.

We want to make you feel Welcome from the very first step through our doors. Not only are the coaches making sure your feel comfortable with the workout before class, but our amazing CORE Strong Family makes you feel like you fit right in!

We make our classes Fun while getting a great workout. We want you to be able to work hard AND have fun so you want to keep consistently coming, working towards your goals.

Our classes are Challenging for any level. If its your first time there is an appropriate level of challenge for you while someone who has been here for 5 years is getting their level of challenge all in the same class!

At CORE STRONG FITNESS, we are more than just a gym, we are FAMILY, we strive to help you see the Better You! Finding a better you by helping you move Better through functional training using TRX Suspension Training as the main tool to help create a Better, Stronger, more Energetic, more Athletic, Healthier YOU!!

You will gain physical and mental strength, lose weight, build confidence and have fun all at the same time!

CORE STRONG FITNESS is the Functional Training Center of the Midwest!

Change the way you train to get the results you always wanted without the high risk of injury!

Class Info

TRX Functional Conditioning class

We are Kansas City’s only TRX based Fitness gym. All of our classes are based using the TRX Suspension Trainer. We incorporate kettlebells, sandbags, slam balls, heavy ropes and other modalities to give an effective and safe workout in a small group setting.

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What to expect your first time


Come prepared to work hard, have FUN, and sweat! Be sure to arrive 10 minutes ahead of class time to fill out paperwork or to get signed in. Dress comfortably, shorts or light weight clothing is best. Towels and water bottle are provided.

How to videos

Check out these helpful videos below to get the most out of your experience at CORE Strong Fitness your first time.



CORE Strong Fitness is founded by Mark Campbell, NSCA CPT, FMT, and the Only Certified BLACK Rank TRX COACH in the Midwest, in 2015.

With over 8 years of personal training and TRX experience, CORE Strong Fitness has a solid background to help you achieve those goals you are looking to achieve that you are not getting with your current training!

If your ready to change the way you train the come give us a try!

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