I have covered the Foundational Movements in the series of emails over the last 6 weeks and this week I will cover the last of the 7 Foundational movements, The Lunge!

As bipedal beings it is extremely important to be able to have a normal strong gait or walking pattern made up by the shifting of body weight from one leg to the other, the correct orientation of the hip, knee, and ankle, and the tall spine or torso. With the lunge ALL of these patterns are used and THIS ONE THING CAN HELP YOU MOVE BETTER!

The lunge for most people is kind of a dreaded movement that usually leave your glutes feeling kinda tender the next day. There's usually a reason for that, we don't use our glutes as well as we should throughout the day, again, because we SIT to much!  So if your not in love with the lunge then call me cupid because I'm going to make you fall in love! 

Let's talk benefits of the lunge:

Strong Glutes

Strong Knees

Strong Hips

Better Balance

Improve Imbalances 

Better Knee, Ankle, Hip MOBILITY 

So hearing some of those things listed above, think about just ONE reason why NOT to love the Lunge?!

The lunge provides the foundation for walking, running, climbing stairs and most bipedal locomotion. So if we work on adding the lunge into our workouts and work on improving the lunge, the quality of our Actives of Daily Living(ADL's) improve!

So now that you want to lunge, your going to want to lunge correctly:

1. Start standing tall using the Active Plank technique (Hide the ribs, level belt line, apples not apple sauce, left the knee caps, shoulders down and back) Maintain rigidity throughout the torso.

2. Step out with right foot planting the foot firmly onto the ground, rooting the BIG TOE

3. Start to drop the hips straight down bending both knees as low as you can go without touching the back knee to the ground, about 90 degrees is desired. Keep that tailbone tucked

4. Be sure to keep a VERTICAL SHIN on the front leg, you should be able to see your toes

5. Pause at the bottom, then SQUEEZE the glutes to stand, keeping the big toe anchored. Keep that torso tight then press back through the big toe to a tall standing position.

Repeat on other side

Ankles, knees, and hips should stay aligned without losing alignment all the way throughout the entire movement. The spine should be STABLE and the ankles, knees, and hips should be MOBILE

Adding in the lunge to your workout has many of benefits that you should learn to love! 


"The Body Achieves What The Mind Believes"


Lunge for strong Glutes

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