Rotation, its all in the Hips!


Rotation is one of the most under utilized foundational movements in most everyone's training program or workout routine. We rotate EVERYDAY in many forms from opening or closing doors, reaching into the back seat, getting in and out of the car, to shoveling dirt or snow. Looking from an athlete's point of view, there isn't a sport that doesn't require rotation:









Swimming etc.

When looking at rotation from an athletic point of view it's your biggest asset in Power Production! Understanding and learning how to effectively and correctly rotate will help you to connect and transfer the stored energy to unlock your full power potential.

But what if your not an "athlete"? WELL learning to rotate is just as important for you too! One of the most common injuries is the low back injury; this type of injury is usually caused from rotation. I know you are probably thinking right now, "Then why the heck should I rotate?!" Well that's exactly the reason we need to talk about rotation. 

Learning to rotate correctly will help:

Protect your back from injury

Protect your knees from injury

Carry uneven loads

Walk up and down stairs

Get in and out of your car without injury

Get out of bed in the morning

Shovel snow/dirt 

I think you get what I'm saying, rotation is in almost every aspect of your daily life, yet we are doing it POORLY!

First, let's stop thinking that the spine or torso does all the rotation. This is were we go wrong and end up getting hurt. Yes the spine is suppose to rotate to a certain degree, but WITH the hips! Let's think that the shoulders and the hips are connected by steel rods. When you twist or rotate, the shoulders and hips should stay connected like you are rotating like a cylinder. This doesn't mean staying ridged like a robot, but keeping in mind that those hips need to move as well.

Next, we have to protect the knees. In sports when we rotate with power the torso and hips rotate; the back foot should pivot or "squish the bug" in order to help keep the knees safe and to connect from the ground up.

In daily activities, pivoting the back foot as we bend down to reach for something on the floor will shift our load, keeping it IN THE HIPS.

A simple exercise to integrate into your workout would be this TRX RIP Rotation.

The take away here is to try and move as if everything is connected from the ground up! Learn to rotate correctly and start to integrate rotation into your workout program to help keep your spine healthy and improve your power in movement.


"The Body Achieves What The Mind Believes"


Rotate to build a strong core

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