You Don't Know Squat! ;)


Squatting is not a new hot topic or isn't anything new, but there might be more to your squat than you know.

The body-weight squat is a really great exercise for many of reasons:

  • Increase hip mobility
  • Increase leg strength
  • Predicting life expectancy! (as seen here)

Practicing the body weight squat involves maintaining a tall spine as the hips descend back, the knees bend, and the ankles go into flexion. IF all is well you should be able to fully squat without restriction or falling over. As you may have already tried to squat all the way down, you might find you cannot go as low as you thought without folding in half like a taco shell or falling over.


Hip mobility is something many of us lack due to the lifestyle that we have had to adapt to:

  • sitting at work all day
  • long commutes to work
  • sitting on the couch watching TV

Regaining the strength and mobility in the hips is possible with practice everyday. A dedication to improving your hip mobility might just literally add years to your life! 

  1. First practice holding on to a door frame, lean back and keep your chest tall, and start to sink down into your squat as comfortably as you can go with your feet shoulder width apart and slightly in front of your body.
  2. Once you are at the bottom of your squat start to stomp your feet around like a gorilla (add gorilla noises, it helps ;)
  3. Then keep your feet grounded and begin to "scrub" the hip joint by moving your knees to the left and then to the right.
  4. Still scrubbing hip joints, move knees in towards each other and then away from each other.
  5. Last, plant your feet firmly, still shoulder width apart, pull yourself forward so your hips are directly over your feet. Squeeze your glutes to stand straight back up without using the hands as much as possible.

Repeat the above sequence 3-5 times holding at the bottom of the squat, scrubbing the hips for at least 30 seconds DAILY to improve mobility, strength and increase your quality of life! Now you know squat! ;)


"The Body Achieves What The Mind Believes"


Squat for Strong Glutes

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