Why your planks aren't getting you stronger!



Listen, I'm a HUGE fan of planks! BUT I'm even a bigger fan of planks when done CORRECTLY. Most people are not getting the most out of their planks because they are doing them incorrectly or worse yet, being taught how to do them incorrectly! There are a lot of trainers and coaches that actually understand how to properly teach the plank but lack the significant details that helps you get the most from your planks, and I'm about to tell you how.

 Let's check and see a couple things:

  • Does your back hurt when you do planks?
  • Are you not feeling challenged while doing planks?
  • Do you feel that planks are too hard?
  • If you said yes to any one of these questions than Im about to help you improve your planks GREATLY!

Set Your Position: Position is everything! Starting your planks correctly will make a huge difference.Starting in the incorrect position only re-enforces bad movement patterns.

  1. Start standing tall, align your ears over your shoulders, head inline with your spine
  2. Pull your shoulder blades down and in, into their pockets, by an "anti-shrug" motion, activating your lats
  3. Hide your ribs! Perform a mini crunch to activate your abdominals
  4. Level your belt line. Pull you tail bone toward your nose into a neutral position. Not over rotating and more importantly, not under rotating the pelvis. Try to flatten out your low back.
  5. Activate your glutes! Try to squeeze you butt tight! Think about reaching back and touching your glutes, would they feel like apples or apple sauce? MAKE THEM APPLES
  6. Lift your knee caps! Tighten your quads or the fronts of your legs trying to lift your knee caps upward.

Now BREATHE! With all of that being held in place, try breathing in without losing ANY one of those positions. This.Is.Where.It.Gets.Hard! If you can manage to hold all of those positions, WHILE breathing deeply, then tighten ALL of your muscles to increase the intensity and rigidity of your plank! DON'T HOLD YOUR BREATHE!

Practice this feeling of intensity and rigidity, now take it down to the ground.

Practice holding your planks with maximum intensity and rigidity for 10 seconds on and 5 seconds off repeating 4 times total. These shorter duration of holds will allow you to hold maximum intensity without sacrificing form and injuring your back.

Practice these everyday and you WILL get stronger!


"The Body Achieves What The Mind Believes"


Plank Better for a Stronger Core

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