Its amazing the power of running and walking! The empowering feeling someone gets when they complete a 5K or a Marathon or MORE! That feeling of accomplishing something that you have never done before or to go further than you ever have is a great feeling! The beautiful thing about the human body it that we are truly meant to run or walk, not to sit behind a computer, desk or couch and sit for hours upon hours. As I'm sitting here right now I'm itching to get up! That's the internal clock going off saying " Please move, I'm getting stiff"! Most of us ignore that noise and just keep on grinding away at the computer or start JUST one more episode of our favorite TV show.

There's NOTHING wrong with sitting and getting work done or sitting and enjoying some down time watching TV. BUT there is a problem for HOW LONG we sit in one position without stretching or getting up to go to the bathroom even. Our muscles and joints start to stiffen up and become short when we constantly, repetitively sit in one position for an extended period of time without moving, which leads to a whole number of negative health issues!


So what the solution?!


It's sounds simple but there are so many opportunities to make excuses to not move: no time, to much to do, not enough energy etc. But we must make a point to get out for a walk in the morning before work, during lunch, after work or even during breaks. Running can be one of the best things for the body to help keep the body loose and keep fluid in the joints to help them from getting stiff. Its a GREAT cardiovascular exercise which not only helps build a stronger heart but move static fluid that can build up in joints and cause inflammation.

So don't not sit, just spend less time doing it and get moving! If the word Run is a huge turn off, think about it, don't just push it away, your body is meant to run! Even a brisk 20-30 minute walk can be highly beneficial. I highly recommend checking out the book Born To Run by Christopher McDougall.

"The Body Achieves What The Mind Believes"


Running helps joints and build muscle CORE Strong Fitness

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    Edison Bentz (Wednesday, 01 February 2017 23:50)

    Appreciate this post. Let me try it out.

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