Mark Campbell

Mark Campbell

Owner, Lead Coach

My Name is Mark Campbell, owner and founder of CORE Strong Fitness. I am highly passionate and motivated to help others reach their BETTER through movement and health. When not coaching clients or coaching classes I enjoy running, rock climbing, yoga, and spending quite time with my wife and dogs.

COACH Introduction


Mark Campbell is a NSCA Certified Personal Trainer since 2008, he recently became the First Certified BLACK Rank TRX Training Coach in the MidWest and currently holds the highest level of education offered through TRX

Mark here, owner and lead trainer of CORE Strong. If you’ve found yourself here, it means you’ve taken the first step, or you’re looking for BETTER than the results you’re seeing now.

Year Position DEscription
2002-2007 Graceland University Graduated with degree in Wellness Program Management
2008-2010 Aquatic Exercise Coordinator and Coach Lead aquatic based exercise classes at physical therapy group
2010 Certified Personal Trainer Completed and passed NSCA CPT exam
2010-2016 Movement Coach Movement Coach for Chiropractor at CORE Wellness Institute
2015 Certified Black Rank Level 4 TRX Coach Became the first Level 4 TRX Black Rank TRX Coach in the Midwest.
2015 Owner/ Founder – CORE STRONG FITNESS After successfully growing TRX classes for 5 years in Lee’s Summit
2016 Postural Respiration Specialist Correcting diaphragm breathing to fix movement disfunction
2017 Certified Barefoot Training Specialist Connecting Core to foot through exercise and activation
2018 FMS Level 1 Certified Screening Clients for more effective workouts
2019 Performance Climbing Coach Climbing stronger and better through effective programming and coaching

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